Folk Fest (Review) The schedule of "Bessarabia-Folk 2020" to be held on 2-3 May in Ogorodnee village (Ukrainian name is Gorodne, Bulgarian one is Chyishyi) has been announced by the organizers of the event. It is expected to be the most important cultural event of the year in the Odessa Region. The major sponsor of the ethno festival is the Public Organziation "Bessarabia Development Center" represented by its co-founder, benefactor, Mr. Victor Kurtiev. Announcements 20.01.2020 1,224 The General Secretary of the Association of European Border Regions visited Ukraine Through the last years the Ukrainian people heard a lot about collaboration with European donor organizations, but not many regions of Ukraine have been able to feel real support from the EU. This issue might be corrected in the near future. Announcements 13.01.2020 1,019 “Danube Sich” Festival Announcement In a week in Izmail, "Danube Sich" Rock Festival will take place. The President of this large-scale cultural event arranged for in the very heart of Bessarabia is Mr. Victor Kurtiev.ecently, the Festival reached the Danube Region which is still a "terra incognita" for many people. Announcements 21.06.2019 1,049 Hollywood Star Masterclass On March 10, an intriguing event awaits for the Izmail citizens of city – the visit of a martial arts legend and a Hollywood star - Cynthia Rothrock. The meeting with the American guest will take place at Ismail State University of Humanities. There’s a press conference at 4:00 PM. Formal presentation of the celebrity will be followed by a closed seminar held in the gymnasium of the university, which will be attended by athletes from Izmail, Bolgrad, Artziz, Kiliya, Reni, engaged in different types of martial arts. Announcements 01.03.2019 848
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