The General Secretary of the Association of European Border Regions in Odessa Seaport On January 15, a delegation led by the General Secretary of the Association of European Border Regions, Mr. Martin Guillermo Ramirez, arrived in Ukraine in order to visit the “Container terminal of Odessa” enterprise. The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the capabilities of the terminal - the leader of the container market of Ukraine, which is a subsidiary of the German HHLA, and to discuss the possibility of investing in its infrastructure. Development 18.01.2020 21 A delegation of the representatives of the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) visited Izmail As it was previously reported a delegation of the representatives of the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR), headed by the General Secretary, Mr. Martin Guillermo Ramirez visited Izmail. The meeting was attended by the guests from different corners of Bessarabia and by the representatives of the Romanian side - the Director of the Secretariat of ““Lower Danube” Euroregion” Association, Mrs. Natalia Budescu with the staff thereof. Development 16.01.2020 7 The General Secretary of the Association of European Frontier Regions, Mr. Martin Ramirez visited Odessa region council On Monday, 13 January, at the invitation of “Bessarabia Development Center” Public Organization, the General Secretary of the Association of European Border Regions Mr. Martin Guillermo Ramerez arrived in Ukraine. On Tuesday, the delegation visited the Odessa Regional Council, where there was a meeting with Mr. Yuri Dimchoglo, the First Deputy Chairman of the Odessa Regional Council, Mr. Yuri Maslov, the Head of the Deputy Group “Strategy of the European Union in the Danube region”, as well as the Head of the Department of Economy, Budget, Investment and International Cooperation of the Office of the Regional Council, Mrs. Irena Nedemyanova Development 14.01.2020 3 The General Secretary of the Association of European Border Regions visited Ukraine Through the last years the Ukrainian people heard a lot about collaboration with European donor organizations, but not many regions of Ukraine have been able to feel real support from the EU. This issue might be corrected in the near future. Development 13.01.2020 23 “Bessarabia Development Centre” NGO is at the General Assembly of European Border Regions “Imagine a land where different peoples and cultures live in peace and love without borders. They speak different languages but understand each other. They suffer together and celebrate their traditional holidays together. Power changes, but people remain strong and resilient, preserving their identity for centuries! Imagined? Do you think that’s impossible? This place is on this Planet, even more it is […] Development 30.11.2019 5 International Forum “Preservation and development of historical and cultural heritage of Albanians of Ukraine: concerns and ways of their solution”. A remarkable event with international status took place in Izmail. “Izmayl Alban Society Obor Shiptar”(Albanian court) Public Organization was the initiator and the organizer of the event. It was held at the base of the Izmail State University of Humanities with the support of “Bessarabia Development Center” Public Organization and its founder Mr. Victor Kurtiev. Development 05.05.2019 36 Art-performance Chernobyl: RE:start On April 25th, in Chernobyl, Ukraine, there was “Chernobyl: RE:start” large-scale performance dedicated to the anniversary of the biggest technogenic disaster in the World - the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. That man-triggered disaster has taught humanity the tragic lesson and given a powerful impetus to the development of renewable energy. Development 27.04.2019 9 All-Ukrainian Scientific & Practical Conference “Ukraine-Greece: historical reflection”. Practical Conference with participation of "Ukraine-Greece: historical reflection". On March 15, 2019, “Ukraine-Greece: Historical Reflexes” All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference was held at Izmail State University of Humanities. Izmail State University of Humanities, Izmail Department of the Union of Local Scholars of Ukraine and “Bessarabia Development Center” Public Organization were the organizers of the Conference. Development 16.03.2019 3
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