From 16th to 19th of May “Bessarabia Development Center” organized a trip-excursion for the big group of kids to Kiev. It was the seventh trip of the gifted children from Izmail, Bolgrad, Saratov and Artsiz Districts, who were awarded in this way for their achievements in study, art and sports. The acquaintance between us began in a comfortable double-decker bus waited at the place of departure to take everyone to the trip. We didn’t notice eleven hours we spent in the bus and none of the children slept a single minute, because everyone was interested to learn more about their new friends.

The first day of our visit passed in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, where everything caught our attention. We talked to the People’s Deputy of Ukraine, Mr. Anton Herashchenko, who answered all the questions and, to my mind, was sincerely glad that young people are interested in serious issues.

We were all delighted with the interior of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. But the surprises kept on going. The ocean of emotional impressions was waiting for us ahead. It was incredibly interesting to visit Maidan Nezalezhnosti ( literally “Independence Square”), one of the main landmarks of Ukraine where a modern monument is placed – a high column with a figure of a girl holding a guelder in her hands. We also saw the Heavenly Hundred Memorial and bowed low to those who laid down their lives for Ukraine, for each of us… Finally, having appeared in the capital, we admired the views from the windows and wondered how huge Kyiv was. Ukrainians have always been famous for their hospitality, so we were warmly welcomed in the hotel “Verkhovyna”.

Everyone was accommodated in the fine cozy rooms where we stayed for those three wonderful days. Comfortable accommodation, delicious food, beautiful views from the balcony, and the most important – new friends. What could be better?

The next day we visited the Unit city – the first innovation park of the latest technologies in Ukraine. Everyone should visit it. The Unit city is a miracle of modernity, “the city inside the city”. Someone imagined himself there and mentally has started implementing startups. Being in a good mood we travelled back to the hotel and on the way everyone was considering his own future.

The morning of the third day started with the travel to Mezhigorie. The beauty of Ukrainian nature is amazing. When we saw Mr. Viktor Yanukovych’s former residence, we had a bone in our throats. Everything was so exquisite and perfect! There were 140 hectares of the beautiful landscapes which are simply impossible to see in one day. It was nice to see many new married who added even much more beauty to that place. The last day … I can’t believe that we are already on the way back home. On the way we visited Uman, the Sofievsky park, enjoyed the views, listened to our guide who was talking in rhyme … That’s all … we are tired, but happy.

At each stop, we were singing and dancing the Bulgarian choro. All the way going back home we were laughing and could not believe that soon we would have to say goodbye. In three days we became one family and chummed up that it was very tug to part. We were about to cry when saying good-bye to each other but we hoped to meet soon. All this became possible owing th Mr. Viktor Kurtiev. We are very grateful to him for finding an opportunity to encourage us to such a trip. We will certainly do our best to justify his trust, to become worthy, persistent and purposeful citizens. Thanks to the organizers for our unforgettable impressions, thousands of emotions and new friends!

Anastasia Christova, 16 years old.