Don “The Dragon” Wilson in Ukraine An 11-time Professional Kickboxing World Champion, an actor and a martial artist whose name can be found in the European Golden List arrived to Ukraine at the invitation the Public Organization "Bessarabia Development Center" represented by its co-founder, Mr. Victor Kurtiev, in order to meet his fans – the young sportsmen. Sport 23.11.2019 1,424 Prizes for students of Izmail University  The students of the Pedagogical Faculty of Izmail State University for the Humanities, namely, Yuri Zakhareev and Valeria Symonkina-Zlatova were awarded by "Bessarabia Development Center” PO (Mr. Victor Kurtiev is the co-founder) for their impressive sports achievements. Sport 17.09.2019 1,077 Charitable football match “Odessa Cup” In Odessa, the football match between “Chernomorets” FC and journalists of Ukraine took place under support of the “Bessarabia Development Center” Sport 10.08.2019 981 Bessarabian Games. Spring-2019 On 19 and 20 April in the Sports Hall of the Kamenka village, Izmail District the "Bessarabian Games. Spring 2019" sport and athletic context took place. 120 sportsmen from 5 districts of Odessa Region arrived to participate in the event. It was the second time when the initiator and the general sponsor of the Bessarabian Games has become "Bessarabia Development Center" Public Organization. Sport 24.04.2019 914 International Tournament on Free Wrestling in Kamenka village On 4 - 6 April in memory of Nikolai Myndru the 11th International Tournament on Free Wrestling was held in Kamenka village, Izmail district. About 180 participants arrived from five countries to fight for dominance in 11 weight categories. As a result of the Tournament, 7 out of 11 gold medals were won by the wrestlers from Kamenka village. Sport 06.04.2019 741 International Chess and Checkers Tournament in Kubey village On 16 March, an International Chess and Checkers Tournament was held in Kubey village, Bolgrad district. It was dedicated to the fortieth anniversary of “Temp” chess and checkers club. The battles between the amateurs were organized by Kubey Village Council and the employees of the Palace of Culture under support of “Bessarabia Development Centre” Public Organization. Sport 16.03.2019 574 Master class from Cynthia Rothrock Having had an interesting and informative dialogue with journalists, Cynthia Rothrock held an unforgettable seminar attended by about 150 martial arts athletes of different styles from Izmail, Bolgrad, Artziz, Kiliya, Reni, Odessa. Sport 12.03.2019 443 Cynthia Rothrock’s power and femininity On March 10, Ismail State University of Humanities was visited by a Hollywood star, a martial arts legend, fadeless Cynthia Rothrock. In the conference hall of the University «the Thumbelina with steel character» was welcomed by the athletes came from different parts of Bessarabia, the admirers of her talent and the newsmen. The American guest was honoured with bread and salt according to the custom of Bessarabian hospitality. Sport 11.03.2019 698
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