“Center for the Development of Bessarabia” held an “International Folklore Festival” in Bolgrad district The “BESSARABIYA FOLK International Folklore Festival” project is implemented as part of the “Culture. Tourism. Regions” partner programme of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the State Agency for Tourism Development. Strengthening of cultural and tourist attractiveness of communities and generation of competitive cultural products – these are the objectives implemented by the “Culture. Tourism. Regions” […] Culture 22.06.2021 616 Folk Fest (Review) The schedule of "Bessarabia-Folk 2020" to be held on 2-3 May in Ogorodnee village (Ukrainian name is Gorodne, Bulgarian one is Chyishyi) has been announced by the organizers of the event. It is expected to be the most important cultural event of the year in the Odessa Region. The major sponsor of the ethno festival is the Public Organziation "Bessarabia Development Center" represented by its co-founder, benefactor, Mr. Victor Kurtiev. Culture 20.01.2020 1,271 “Sweet surprises” for children of the village in Saratsky District Young residents of Dolynka village, Saratsky District, received sweet gifts for the New Year from the Public Organization "Bessarabia Development Centre" co-founded by Mr. Victor Kurtiev. At the New Years' Eve party every child in the elementary rural school got a surprise and believed that Santa does exist. Culture 29.12.2019 979 Impressions from the trip to Kiev of talented children of Bessarabia From 16th to 19th of May “Bessarabia Development Center” organized a trip-excursion for the big group of kids to Kiev. It was the seventh trip of the gifted children from Izmail, Bolgrad, Saratov and Artsiz Districts, who were awarded in this way for their achievements in study, art and sports. The acquaintance between us began […] Culture 20.12.2019 665 Bulgarian festival Sofia biting docs On September 29, the natives of Krynychoe village once again reminded about themselves in the capital of their ancestral homeland. Within the framework of Sofia biting docs film festival, "Place of power" film of the native of Krynychnoe village, a director, Mrs. Tatiana Stanieva was represented. This is the second film demonstration in Sofia which has been premiered six months ago, on 29 March, at Lumiere Lidl Cinema. The PO "Besarabia Development Center" and "Center of Bessarabian Bulgarians in Bulgaria" were the organizers of the event. Culture 29.09.2019 1,040 Happy Birthday, Krynychnoe! On 21 September, Krynychnoe village celebrates its 206nd anniversary. As Mr. Stepan Velykov, the Head of the village councel mentioned in his welcoming speech, Krynychnoe village has the most developed infrastructure among other villages. The roads are almost perfect, the footways are arranged, and the enterprises work steadily and pay the taxes. Culture 21.09.2019 808 Rozhen From 19 to 21 July, the national folklore festival "Rozhen - Cathedral of National Creativity and Animal Husbandry" was held in the southwestern part of Bulgaria on the foothills of Rhodop. The current large-scale event was opened by the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Rumen Radev. This year, under support of the Public Organization "Bessarabia Development Centre" and Mr. Victor Kurtiev, a large delegation from Ukraine consisted of the winners of the ethnic competition "Bessarabia FOLK-2019" held in May in the Gorodnee village, Bolgrad district, took part in the festival for the first time. Culture 13.07.2019 450 Chamur making in Krynychnoe village: Chamur itself is neither something new nor exotic in the practice of private Bessarabian construction. However, on July 6, the Chamur making in Krynychnoe village became a unique collective work as to its scale and purpose. There were smiling people, joyful music and pleasant fatigue after the hard and fruitful work. Those who failed to come let their emotions out on social media and were envious of villagers of Krynychnoe. Culture 08.07.2019 762
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