Chamur!Chamur!Chamur! Chamur itself is neither something new nor exotic in the practice of private Bessarabian construction. However, on July 6, the Chamur making in Krynychnoe village became a unique collective work as to its scale and purpose. There were smiling people, joyful music and pleasant fatigue after the hard and fruitful work. Those who failed to come let their emotions out on social media and were envious of villagers of Krynychnoe. Culture 06.07.2019 658 The unique historical and ethnographic museum will be built in Bolgrad District In Krynychnoe village, Bolgrad District, the first meeting of the Organizing Committee on management and construction of a rural historical and ethnographic museum was held. In this museum the priceless artifacts, evidence of the development of the village and information about its inhabitants will be collected", - Mr. Stepan Velykov, the Head of Krynychnoe village Council reported on the personal page in Facebook. Culture 15.05.2019 540 в рамках проекту «Бібліотека мрії» The books presented to an orphan home Recently, more than seventy new books appeared on the shelves of the library of a care home in Belgorod-Dnestrovsky. The colorful books were bought and presented to children of all ages by the Public Organization "Bessarabia Development Center" under the project named "Dream Library". Culture 30.04.2019 469 “Place of Power” premier in the Kaspichane village There is a Bulgaria saying: "A man cannot get food from his roots but he suffers when he has no roots". The creators of "Place of Power" documentary think the same; since it is the primary spiritual foundation a person relies on through his whole life, it is impossible to become a figure having no roots. Culture 11.04.2019 470 Sophia was conquered by the Bessarabian project The capital of Bulgaria was the first foreign city "Place of Power" film was demonstrated in.  On March 29, under support of the Public Organization "Bessarabia Development Center" the guests from Ukrainian Bessarabia visited Sophia and were welcomed by Lumier Lidl Cinema House in the downtown. Culture 29.03.2019 644 “Place of Power” premiere in Izmail On the first Sunday of March, in Izmail, "Place of Power" documentary film was twice premiered along with the feature motion pictures in Ukraine Cinema. Both times it was almost sold-out. The film made in 2018, was demonstrated on the day of Bulgaria’s liberation from Ottoman rule. Culture 03.03.2019 460
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