Recently, more than seventy new books appeared on the shelves of the library of a care home in Belgorod-Dnestrovsky. The colorful books were bought and presented to children of all ages by the Public Organization “Bessarabia Development Center” under the project named “Dream Library”.

Kids were curious about the brightly illustrated books arranged on the tables, looked them through and were eager to grab them from each other. Having chosen from a large amount of the books the one they liked the most, children started to read it aloud to their nurses and guests. When the representatives of the social organization who brought the books were about to leave, children did not want to let them go and asked to come back again. Shining eyes of children were the best expression of gratitude.

The Public Organization “Bessarabia Development Center” joined “Dream Library” social project initiated in 2012. Its goal is to promote love for reading. In order to make books more accessible the business and public entities were called for collaboration with the publishing houses.

This year, in February, several children’s institutions in Bessarabia, namely the Utkonosov Specialized Boarding School, the Suvorov Centre for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children and the Bolgrad Special General Education Boarding School having pre-school groups of remedial and rehabilitation orientation received the some gifts from the Public Organization. As a  part of the project, hundreds of new art editions, encyclopedias, educational books and other publications  of different genres have already been presented to the kids.

Mr. Petr Pavlenko, a writer, expressed the idea of the project very precisely and accurately by his expression: “A book read at the proper time is a big luck. Even your best friend or a teacher does have no power to change your life as much as the book is able”. That is what we have to do in order to enable the future generations to continue developing their country and society with dignity and in the right direction.