In Krynychnoe village, Bolgrad District, the first meeting of the Organizing Committee on management and construction of a rural historical and ethnographic museum was held. In this museum the priceless artifacts, evidence of the development of the village and information about its inhabitants will be collected”, – Mr. Stepan Velykov, the Head of Krynychnoe village Council reported on the personal page in Facebook.

At the first meeting, the members of the Organizing Committee discussed the issues related to the construction of the unique design of the Museum of Bessarabia. The project, preparation of land documents and the licenses on beginning of the construction of the facility are interconnected. The date and the method of construction of the building were specified. It was decided that every citizen of the village shall contribute to the construction of the museum.  Just like in the old good days it was proposed for everyone to make the mudbrick for the walls.

There were the following members of the committee: Mr. Stepan Velikov, Krynychnoe Village Councel Head, Mr. Victor Kurtiev, President of “Metropoliya” Company, Abbot of Saint-Dmitriev Archiery Church, Father Roman (Chernienko), Mrs. Tatiana Stanieva, director of “Place of Power” film, Mrs. Kristina Nikolova, a teacher of Bulgarian language and a tour guide of the school museum, Mrs. Domnikia Koicheva (Krinichnoe school), Mrs. Tatiana Kovtun, Mrs. Tatiana Dukova, Mr.  Marin Balev, Mrs. Victoria Afonicheva and the builders Mr. Kirill Yanev and Mr. Mikhail Chebotarenko.

“I am sure that the citizens of Krynychnoe village will be happy to participate in construction of such an important building. It will be more than an ordinary work – it will be a holiday in the name of the past and future of our village”, – stated Mr, Stepan Velikov. It should be noted that the land for the project was procured by Mr. Victor Kurtiev. The museum will be erected next to the school; right on the place of the old house was located.

The definite date for the voluntary Saturday work is not being informed yet. However, in some hours after posting the news on the social networks, people expressed their readiness for participation in this noble calling and impatience to start working.