On 21 September, Krynychnoe village celebrates its 206nd anniversary. As Mr. Stepan Velykov, the Head of the village councel mentioned in his welcoming speech, Krynychnoe village has the most developed infrastructure among other villages. The roads are almost perfect, the footways are arranged, and the enterprises work steadily and pay the taxes.

The village is known by its hardworking and talented people and this is confirmed by the fact that 90% of blackseed onion is provided to Ukraine by Krynychnoe village and every year the best street and outdoor space wins a prize.

Last year Krynychnoe village got the first and the third place in competition on gentrification. This year the villagers defend the title of being the most well-established village in the Odessa region.

This is a place where people hallow the traditions of their ancestors. In 2018, initiated and financed by the Public Organization “Bessarabia Development Center”, which was founded by the native of Krynychnoe village, a businessman and a benefactor Mr. Victor Kurtiev, “Place of Power” documentary film (directed by Mrs. Tatiana Stanieva) was made. This is a film about the history and traditions of the village and its people. At the end of September, the film will be submitted for participation at the International Documentary Film Festival in Bulgaria. Yesterday, during the celebration, a memorial plaque was opened in honour of Harlampi Mitanov, a native of Krynychnoe village, a social and political figure of the beginning of the 20th century.

Krynychnoe village is famous not only by its traditions and labor achievements, but also by vocal and choreographic talents, since they are laureates and winners of national and international competitions. Among those talents there are not only children but also adults. Despite hard working and lack of free time at home, they manage to find some time for rehearsals and trips. Do you know any other village that has a church choir consisted of 70 people, 40 of whom are children? We could keep on talking about the success of the residents of Krynychnoe village, but let us tell you more about the celebrations.

According to the tradition, the holiday started with sports competitions on checkers and chess, volleyball, basketball, arm wrestling, football and wrestling. The winners were awarded cash prizes. As to the Bessarabian tradition, the wrestlers were awarded lamb.

After competitions the villagers and the guests were delighted by the concert program with the participation of the people’s orchestra “Chushmely”, vocal ensemble “Karamelki”, “Cheish,Elian zvenchata” (Bulgarian: “Чешмелийская звънчета”), dance ensemble “Rucheek”, folk music and dance ensemble “Krinichanka” and “Chiyshiy, the folk ensemble of the dance “Izvorche”, the ensemble of the dance “Bulgarian hearts” “Nathnennya” and others.  The guests from Artziz, Bolgrad, Kalcevo and Gorodnee villages came to congratulate the residents of the village.

Thanks to the PO “Bessarabia Development Center”, “Fa-Diez” sparkling orchestra of the national instruments arrived to Krynychnoe from Odessa. After its performance, a mass folk khoro under Bulgarian folk songs was danced.

At the end of the holiday program Mr. Victor Kurtiev congratulated the villagers. He noted that the PO “Bessarabia Development Centre” would keep supporting the infrastructure projects in the countryside and development of talented and gifted children and athletes. In the near future it is planned to build an ethnographic museum.

After his speech the residents of Krynychnoe village and their guests enjoyed the luxurious fireworks and an 80’s disco all night through.