Having had an interesting and informative dialogue with journalists, Cynthia Rothrock held an unforgettable seminar attended by about 150 martial arts athletes of different styles from Izmail, Bolgrad, Artziz, Kiliya, Reni, Odessa.
The students of the Eastern Martial Arts clubs of the most different ages were very attentive and enthusiastic and understood everything they had been told and shown by the master. Indeed, the famous lady didn’t just teach theories, she actually demonstrated tricks. Constantly watching the sparring contestants, Cynthia came closer to the athletes and demonstrated how to strike accurately, how to dodge a treacherous throw, or how to calculate the distance between themselves and the rival. She did not forget to praise the particularly diligent students, or to demonstrate yet again the difficult move. The seminar lasted several hours with the short breaks. By the way, at the end of the master class, Mrs. Rothrock looked as fresh and full of strength as she was in the beginning. It is worth mentioning her excellent physical. Not everyone in her age can keep the shape, even practicing systematically. Although injuries and fractures have occurred over a long period of martial arts practice, Cynthia is an excellent example of strong will and female charm.

At the end of the seminar, all participants received certificates. Mr. Victor Kurtiev received a diploma for patronage from the President of the Sokarate Federation of Ukraine and the Full Contact Karate Union of Ukraine, Mr. Oleg Shilyaev. The excitement and positive emotions overwhelmed anyone who was lucky enough to attend the event. Now the amateurs of the Eastern martial arts are looking forward to the next visit of the star in September this year.