End of the project “Together we shall preserve the clean environment of our native shore!” The project is over. Long live the new project! June 30 – is the last day of implementation of the project named “Together we shall preserve the clean environment of our native shore!”, which since March, 1 is being implemented by “Development Center of Bessarabia” PO in partnership with Horodne village council under the financial […] 08.07.2021 345 First results of the project Together we shall preserve the clean environment of our native shore! On April, 1, the project “Together we shall preserve the clean environment of our native shore!” was launched implemented by the “Bessarabia Development Centre” Public Organization in partnership with Horodne village council and financially supported by the Lion Society (Lviv, Ukraine) and financed by the National Endowment for Democracy (Washington DC, USA). The necessity of […] 22.06.2021 336 “Center for the Development of Bessarabia” held an “International Folklore Festival” in Bolgrad district The “BESSARABIYA FOLK International Folklore Festival” project is implemented as part of the “Culture. Tourism. Regions” partner programme of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the State Agency for Tourism Development. Strengthening of cultural and tourist attractiveness of communities and generation of competitive cultural products – these are the objectives implemented by the “Culture. Tourism. Regions” […] 22.06.2021 539 New “green” project for Horodne Territorial Community What is needed for successful and sustainable development of any territorial community? The societies that have made great progress in recent decades have found the answer to this question long time ago. Their recipe for success involves, among other things, the awareness of citizens and the right of everyone to participate in the life of […] 14.06.2021 349 Sustainable development of Bessarabia Horodne Territorial Community sets the pace The term “sustainable development” has firmly established in the modern fashionable expressions. Although, it is willingly used by politicians and public figures, the meaning of the expression is not always clear. What does “sustainable development” mean? What does it have to do with our lives? Today, a region’s socio-economic and technological progress is considered sustainable […] 25.05.2021 339 Ambassadors of a Better Future:  Green Project in Horodne village gains momentum What components would we need if we try to make a short “recipe” of the transformation of our common home – Bessarabia and the whole of Ukraine? No matter how different our views on life are, there are still common ideas about the ideal. Thus, people need a good school, adequate self-management, active public organizations, […] 24.04.2021 334 Folk Fest (Review) The schedule of "Bessarabia-Folk 2020" to be held on 2-3 May in Ogorodnee village (Ukrainian name is Gorodne, Bulgarian one is Chyishyi) has been announced by the organizers of the event. It is expected to be the most important cultural event of the year in the Odessa Region. The major sponsor of the ethno festival is the Public Organziation "Bessarabia Development Center" represented by its co-founder, benefactor, Mr. Victor Kurtiev. 20.01.2020 1,224 Forthcoming transformation of Izmail University For over 80 years Izmail State University for the Humanities has been training teachers. However, in the mean time the State investments in training the specialists in the Danube Region are mostly in vain since the majority of the graduates does not work in the region on their specialty or simply leaves for the big cities. At the same time Bessarabia extremely needs the specialists the University is not able to train. 19.01.2020 1,027
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